Using Google Drive for Lesson Homework

In 2015 my studio got quite a lot bigger. As such, I had to create a way of managing the multiple student’s homework, scores, recordings and progress – all in one place.

The result has become something much more valuable, not just for me the teacher – but for students and parents.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is an online platform that allows you to create folders, docs, spreadsheets and any kind of file you can imagine. It allows you to keep a file system and share only certain folders with certain people – via their email.

In the image below, you can see my folder system with all my students:


However, the student only sees the contents of their own folder, which looks like this:


This allows them to keep an online, safe, completely private store of all their work – which automatically syncs between us both.

How it helps me

For me, Google Drive is indispensable. It does away with all the many scraps of paper, photocopies, CD’s etc that students build up. It also allows me to write homework in a place that I can access & read when the student is not in the lesson. Every quarter I like to look through a student’s work  & think about their future progression.

How it helps the students

Google drive is a safe place for a student and I to have an ongoing conversation about their development. After a year of lessons their folder becomes a HUGE resource, with past recordings, compositions, assignments, scores, videos of them performing, resources… etc.