David Reed | Episode 6

David Reed is the creator of Improvise for Real – a method that empowers musicians to learn about music through their own creative explorations rather than learning rules, tips, tricks guidelines etc. Check out his book here.

I heard about his work from episode 4 with Dave Swift and after checking out his work I was convinced we should have him on for you.

Improvise for RealThe value of this interview lies in a really authentic teacher (David) explaining his method of teaching – or learning – which is really a life’s work to create an entire trajectory for a beginner student.

If you’ve ever felt that you lack natural flair or ability in improvisation, or even flat out say you can’t do it – we’re here to tell you it’s just not true. It’s just to do with how you may not have been prepared or been guided in the right ways.

A big thanks to David Reed from ImproviseForReal.com for coming on the show – a really fantastic man and a great interview.

During The Interview You Will Learn & Hear About

  • about IFR and it’s fairly unique and effective approach
  • how a good goal of good practice is simply to keep loving recognising music deeply
  • the value in taking the time to learn something fully rather than skipping ahead
  • how we are all musical
  • that the idea of ‘self lack’ or limitations in music are not there – it’s just about your relationship with music.
  • the falsity of ‘natural talent’ – it’s just that others understand may currently understand it deeper than you.
  • how it was David’s students that really helped him to develop his initial approach to teaching this way
  • improvisation in a different way than you may be used to
  • where your focus should be when playing
  • following passion & not pressure
  • how experience beats knowledge.
  • examples of IFR exercises
  • the value of beginners mind
  • how the method has really helped David’s own development as a musician.


“What people need is an experience of learning music that actually involves music.”

“There are some aspects of the learning process that are best served by silence… having free time to lie in the grass & look up at the sky & puzzle over that thing you’ve been trying to understand…”

“The secret is that there is no secret”