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Piano Teacher in Bristol Jack Vaughan

Learning how to compose or improving one’s compositional ability can be a complex endeavour. Knowing what to work on, how to work on it, and feeding your own creativity can all be quite tricky.

At the heart of my teaching lies three things: inspiration, musical craft & compositional strategy. Separating these three areas and improving them is the key to developing as a composer. Deficiency or a lack of clarity around these separate elements can lead to unfocussed and frustrating projects and practice.

As I say in my teaching-style section of this website; all my lessons are tailored around the individual. What that basically means for composition is that I explore each student’s natural passions and inclinations – and help you find your own learning goals.

Whether you are after a solid grounding in the fundamentals of jazz harmony, classical theory & composition, orchestration, computer music, improvisation or want to play entirely by ear, we pursue the way you learn & help lay the foundations of your own compositional vocabulary.

First lessons are always free for kids

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I deliver Music Composition lessons to students from the following areas of Bristol:

Center (BS1), Brislington (BS4), Clifton (BS8), Cotham, Redland (BS6), Southville (BS3), Bedminster, Ashton, Kingsdown (BS2), Montpelier & St Pauls.

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‘Jack has been a teaching ‘breath of fresh air’ for us! My son is 9 and has been learning piano for 4 years. He started having lessons with Jack about 6 months ago and, since then, has regained his passion for the piano which had started to fade with his previous teacher. Jack’s approach is different and this works for my quirky and easily distracted son! Jack is friendly and enthusiastic yet, at the same time, can critique (thinking about exam pieces in particular) in a way that encourages students to improve and give them the strategies and belief to do this. He endeavours to tailor his teaching to suit each student and is patient, thinking of interesting and alternative ways to help understanding of theory. He is clearly passionate about music and this comes through in his teaching, bringing fun to the lessons yet students are still learning. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jack.’Claire
‘Jack has been teaching my 3 children age 10, 8 and 6 for several months. They were complete beginners. They all enjoy and look forward to their lessons with him and he adapts his style of teaching week to week to their individual interests, personality and level. More than anything he is fostering a love of music in them which makes me happy! Jack is a thoughtful, kind and patient teacher who is an excellent communicator, he is positive and encouraging with each of them. I would highly recommend him.’Ellie
‘I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jack based on my experience as a late starter to learning the Piano. Jack’s approach to teaching is interesting and flexible and tailored around my goals. He also makes good use of technology – the flexible lesson booking and Google Drive are great when you can’t commit to a regular slot.’Matt Lovell
‘My 7 year old has been having lessons with Jack for nearly 6 months now – we could not ask for a better teacher. Jack has tailored lessons to my son’s personality and as a result the response has been remarkable. I’m amazed with the progress he’s made and how much he enjoys his lessons. He is developing a real love not just for the piano, but for music generally. Would 100% recommend.’
Karen Dawe. Mother of student.
‘Jack is a superb music teacher who I would highly recommend. Jack’s passion for music shows through his teaching which makes each lesson enjoyable. Jack’s lessons encompass a wide range of different musical skills, allowing me to begin to understand music at a deeper level than with previous teachers. Jack’s booking system makes it easy for me to book lessons in around work. ’Katie
‘Jack has taught my son for the last year and he’s loved it. Jack is a super-talented, flexible and empathetic music coach, very different from other teachers. I’d highly recommend him.’Sonja
‘I recently began piano lessons with Jack and I have to say that I’m really enjoying them. Jack is a really nice guy, and an excellent musician. Most importantly he really ‘gets’ where I’m at musically and what I want to learn and adapts his pedagogical style to suit. He is patient and flexible and doesn’t mind exploring different approaches to get the best result for me as a student. I have no hesitation recommending him to anyone – whether you’re a complete beginner or, like me, a musician looking to move onto a new instrument.’Simon
‘I would absolutely recommend Jack as a teacher to anyone who has a passion for music and wants to learn. My 7 year old can’t get enough of his classes. She looks forward to it every week and is always sad when it ends. If she had it her way she would be there every day for the whole day! Jack personalizes his classes in a way that he brings the student’s own interests and personality within the class structure. Expect to have a super fun time with Jack :)’Norah. Mother of Malak.
‘It’s like going to see a nice big brother but you learn stuff too.’Student
‘I can thoroughly recommend Jack as a music teacher. He is a talented musician himself, and has genuine enthusiasm for all things musical. What has most impressed me is his versatility as a teacher – he can adapt to what his students need and want, and he encourages curiosity and fun in his lessons. He has taught my three children, aged 14, 12 and 10, all of whom need a slightly different approach to the piano. We all give Jack five stars!’Sophie
‘Jack has been teaching my 10 year-old son for 3 months. He is a fantastic teacher who doesn’t stay within the conventional teaching methods, but explores what is best for the student. His lessons are fun and enjoyable. Because of his deep knowledge of theory and technique, my son is learning something new every week. A highly recommended teacher!’Nobuko
“Jack is a fabulous teacher. He is patient and creative in his teaching which I find motivates me in my practice. I would definitely recommend him.”Kim