Ben Salisbury Interview | Episode 2

This interview with Ben Salisbury was actually done over a year ago. Before this platform I had started another podcast for Film Composers & Sound designers called The Sound of Media. Whilst that’s no longer around – I thought I’d bring this interview back as I build this podcast.

I know Ben from a project a few years back & he’s a big composer on the Bristol scene. He’s prolific has been involved in some seriously interesting projects, not least:

  • Beyonce’s directorial debut
  • Various natural history films with David Attenborough
  • Work with Geoff Barrow & Portishead

It’s a great interview & one of the ones I really didn’t want to let go into the dusty archives of my computer. I hope you enjoy it!

Outline of the podcast:

  • 00.00 Ben Talks about what he’s up to
  • 12:30: How does the interplay of a classical education & an interest in sound design play out in your work?
  • 15:50 Can you explain a bit more about what you mean by ‘changing the world with the score’?
  • 18:40 Composing for Natural History vs more alternative projects & escaping the ‘standard way’ of writing.
  • 23:00 Different ways of listening & hearing music in media.
  • 25:00 The Sound of Natural History Scores
  • 29:00 Not dominating with your scores & some praise from David Attenborough
  • 35:36 Whats your starting point & approach to composition?
  • 43:00 Any advice for getting ‘fresh ears’?

Links and items mentioned in this episode: